Portrait: Kay BeausoleilABOUT

Through the years I've tried many kinds of photography, and feel happiest doing macro and working in black and white. Early influences were Margaret Bourque-White, Pete Turner, David Muench, Freeman Patterson and the photography-picture magazines of the time. Now the internet offers easy access to many photographers whose work I respect and whose artistry have inspired my own. Travel with other photographers has taught me to be more contemplative and less hurried in the field.

My Dad taught me black and white darkroom many years ago. Since then I've enjoyed post-processing almost more than shooting. In later film days, I learned colour darkroom and printed Cibachromes. Early in the digital era, Jack, patient spouse, model and my best constructive critic, showed me the fun of processing on the computer with an ancestor of Photoshop. Now with PS, I can do what I could only dream of in the darkroom.

Since retiring from thirty-three years of teaching and practicing Law, I've been trying to find the Artist Within. She pops out every now and then, but still requires serious coaxing to appear. Many workshops have helped, and I've taken full advantage of online classes on technique and design.

For me, photography is a licence to stare, a reason to linger, and an incentive to find the essence of a subject. It's stimulating from shutter click through final process -- escape behind the viewfinder, exhilaration of a great capture and endless potential for tinkering with the results.